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Jim Wagner certifies Harry to Level 3.

From 17 – 24 November 2008, Harry followed Level 3 training taught by Jim Wagner at the European Reality Based Personal Protection Headquarters in Solingen, Germany - the Böker Jim Wagner Reality - Based Personal Protection Training Facility.

The level 3 training program is specially designed for the professional instructor. It is the finishing touch to level 1 and level 2. It consists of Woman’s survival, Children survival, Business & Leadership, Advertising & Marketing and DVD / Video Production.

According to Harry, the program was really good! The group existed of 11 instructors from 5 different countries: Canada, Belgium, Holland, Germany & Lithuania. Harry said: “working with these fine instructors was extremely nice and I made a lot of new friends”.

At the conclusion of this excellent training week, Jim Wagner certified Harry to Level 3 of the Jim Wagner Reality Based Personal Protection System, becoming the first Level 3 in Holland and one of the few in the world.  Harry and Jim Wagner agreed on the following: In 2009 Jim Wagner will come to Holland to teach members of Ashihara Holland exclusively. Exact dates will be announced.

Jim Wagner level 3 a

Jim Wagner issuing Harry Gorter with Level 3 certification

Jim Wagner level 3 b

Jim Wagner level 3 c

Jim Wagner level 3 d

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