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Jim Wagner certifies Harry to Level 2 Instructor

On 8,9 and 11 May 2007, Harry took the following level 2 courses from and by Jim Wagner: Scenario Training, Control & Defence and Handgun survival.

The courses were held at Frontline Solutions in Huizen, Holland. These courses are part of the Level 2 program which exists of 5 courses. In November 2006, Harry took the other two courses of the program: Conflict Conditioning and Improvised Weapons.

The courses had participants from different backgrounds: Police, Military Police, People from different army units and Martial artists. They also came from different nations: Finland, Germany and Holland. The group enjoyed working together.

The course contents were excellent and Jim Wagner is a wonderful teacher!

After completing the courses, Jim Wagner certified Harry to Reality- Based Personal Protection Level 2 Instructor. Jim Wagner was very pleased and he intends writing an article about Harry for his website.




Jim Wagner Level 2 November 20-21, 2006

Jim Wagner visited Holland to present the Level 2 instructor courses Conflict Conditioning and Improvised Weapons. These courses was held at Frontline Solutions in Huizen. Harry succeeded in passing both courses.

Harry said: "It is really a great experience to learn from the source of Reality Based training. Jim Wagner is a very nice and relaxed person with tremendous frontline knowledge and skills."

Level 2 exist of 5 courses. The remaining courses – Scenario training, Control & Defence and Handgun Survival will be given in May 2007. Harry has already registered in order to complete Level 2.


Harry presented with his certificate by Jim Wagner



Below are the course descriptions of both the courses:

Conflict Conditioning
When confronted with physical violence a person has three choices: 1. Fight 2. Flight 3. Submit. Most people submit to their attacker and become victimised. This course teaches Reality- Based Personal Protection instructors how to each their own students how to physically and mentally prepare for conflict so they can better handle the physical and emotional stress associated with real conflict.
The exercises, drills, and training concepts comes from elite police and military teams from around the world, from dozens of martial arts systems, as well as original Jim Wagner techniques. You'll learn German GSG9 strength exercises, French Foreign Legion punishment drills, Apache Indian warrior tests, Israeli YAMAM "boiler pressure drills," U.S. military calisthenics, Moroccan military field strength training, SWAT team confidence builders, and much more. When it comes to teaching mind over matter we'll let you play the K.I.M.S. game, try the Fight & Write drill, see how thermal shock training parallels conflict stress, and make you the instructor a little bit tougher.

Improvised Weapons
One Mind, Any Weapon. That's the motto of this hands-on course which will teach you how to use any object or weapon, other than a firearm or knife, to defend yourself in spontaneous physical conflict. From a broom in a closet to a rolled up magazine aboard an aircraft, you'll learn the striking and blocking angles of flexible weapons, long and short impact weapons, and throwing weapons: solids, liquids, and powders. You'll be shown proper target acquisition, plus the strengths and weaknesses of teach weapon system.
However, this course is more than learning the latest techniques, we'll also run you through police and military style exercises that will take you right up to the edge of real conflict, but in safety. You'll experience exotic training drills such as the Roman Legion Blocking, Kali low overhang fight, Apache Indian eye shielding, garrotte tactics, long gun disarms, surviving an Improvised Incendiary Device, and more. As a bonus you'll get into the mind of the criminal and learn about improvised weapons making; skills you may need one day if you are ever held hostage or have to fight your way out of a bad situation with only the clothes on your back or common objects around you.

Scenario Training
This course, after the warm-up, starts off with contact conflict training wearing protective gear – the same type of gear worn by the police and military when they train in defensive tactics. This is the only way to test yourself and what you know. However, we don't just throw you to the wolves, but we will work with you at your own skill level and endurance. Then comes the training that truly separates us from all other self-defence systems at this point in time (because others are copying us already), and that is how to turn your workout area into a Reality-Based training environment. You learn about lighting, sound effects, and props. Then we'll teach you how you and your training partners can be more realistic in training scenarios with scripts, stage make-up (simulating a drug induced state, injuries, or for disguise), and costume. Towards the end of the course you will take all that you have learned and run through a few conflict scenarios and see for yourself how much more realistic it makes your training.

Control & Defence
This course is all about getting out of situations where someone is trying to control you through force, or how you can control someone in order to survive or to hand them over to the police. The first thing you'll start learning is how to get out of the common choke holds and bear hugs used on the streets and battlefields. You're going to find out quick that there are not that many, and the basic principles that threads through all of them. Then we're going to get away from the ME ONLY mentality and learn how to rescue others after a violent encounter. After all, you may be with an associate, a friend or even a loved one who goes down and you need to get them out of the hostile area. A fight is not over until your party is out of the area. We call this portion of training Victim Rescue. We'll then go into the do’s and don'ts of making a citizen's arrest, how to restrain someone, and how to avoid killing someone accidentally with positional asphyxiation.

Handgun Survival
Since air guns are a vital part of the Reality-Based Personal Protection system in simulating gun violence, such as robberies and small arms terrorist attacks, through the practice of Conflict Rehearsal, it is vital for the Reality-Based instructors to know gun safety and range procedures inside and out in order to avoid injuries and to make training more realistic. In this course you will be using an air gun that fires (through a mechanical process) a 6mm plastic projectile accurately up to 21 feet / 7 meters. The secondary benefit to taking this course is that you will know how to effectively use a gun should you ever be in a position where you have to disarm a criminal or a terrorist and have to use that weapon to save lives. In this course the classroom will be treated like an actual range, and therefore, you will learn standard police and military range safety rules and procedures as well as proper gun safety: handling and usage. You'll also be taught the standard shooting positions: standing, kneeling, sitting, and prone as well as tactical movement.



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