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Shihan Harry Gorter pictured with Reality based Instructor Sergeant Jim Wagner after completing an intensive one-week training course to qualify as a level-1 instructor









From April 10 – 14, 2006, Harry took the opportunity to be trained by the legend on Reality-Based self-defence, Jim Wagner from the United States. Jim Wagner is without doubt one of the most important experts in the world on 'real self-defence.' He has taught the most important units in the world, such as German GSG9, Israeli Special Forces, FBI SWAT, Argentinean GOE, the U.S. Marshals, Brazilian GATE, every branch of the American military, the U.S. Border Patrol, Helsinki Police, British TSG, etc. His curriculum is very impressive!

The course was held in Holland and organised by Mike Constantinides, the Dutch director of Jim Wagner’s Reality Based. It was the first time that Jim Wagner visited Holland to present a seminar. The programme consisted of the following core courses:

  • Day one  : Defensive Tactics
  • Day two  : Ground Survival
  • Day three: Knife Survival
  • Day four : Crime Survival
  • Day five : Terrorism Survival

The seminar course was attended by many people. Most of them followed some of the courses and some followed all the courses. Harry was one who followed all the courses that week. After successfully completing the program, Jim Wagner certified Harry to Level 1 Reality-Based Instructor. Herewith he has become one of the first instructors in Holland . Harry will continue to learn Reality Based and put elements to his classes.

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